ARK’s Life Preserver Program – ARK’s core program:

ARK works as a networking organization transferring dogs in need of relocation to appropriate shelters and rescues to find their forever homes.

ARK Advocate Program

ARK is sometimes contacted by a shelter or ACO about a particular dog that simply is not getting the exposure he or she needs. ARK assigns an ARK Champion Volunteer to be that dog’s voice and messenger, advocating for that dog and exposing him or her to public and media attention.

ARK Assist

Similar to ARK’s Life Preserver Program for shelters and ACOS, ARK Assist is geared to owner surrenders. ARK’s first attempt is to try and keep the dog with their family by getting to the root of the issue. If that cannot happen, we work closely with the owner to help them re-home their dog by providing them the tools they need to navigate the world of rescue.